Announcing our online “Autumn Mini-Swiss” (over three Wednesday evenings) – register by Wed 21 October!


Autumn Mini-Swiss Finals Night!

Starting at 7:30pm on Wed 9 December 2020

Watch live (with commentary) at


Major Final:

RatingRollerCoaster (Alex Poyser) vs cash-only (Steve Dean)

Minor Final:

Ocelot32 (Richard Bailey) vs  Lefthooktrev (Trevor Hurt)



Further historical information about the tournament appears below, for reference purposes


Pairings for round 3 – to be played at 7:35pm on Wed 25 November 2020

Watch live (with commentary) at

[Current scores appear in square brackets]


cash-only (Steve Dean) [3] vs JamesJM8 (James McDonnell) [2]

RatingRollerCoaster (Alex Poyser) [3] vs Marshall007 (Michael Marshall) [2½]

FrankHealey (Brian Gosling) [1] vs ROughton54 (Rob Oughton) [½]



Lefthooktrev (Trevor Hurt) [3] vs dvyate (Graham Mill-Wilson) [2½]

Bazboy2 (Barry Perchard) [1½] vs Ocelot32 (Richard Bailey) [2½]

Cumbiebob (Robert Kelso) [1½] vs Ladyofthe_knight (Barbara Newcombe) [1]


Entry details


Note: The entry deadline has been extended slightly till 7pm on Sunday 25 October 2020


Autumn Mini-Swiss 2020 – Entry now open at: [deadline: 7pm on Sunday 25 October 2020]

We are delighted to announce a special Autumn rapid event designed for players graded up to 160 (i.e. up to 1900 in the new-style ECF ratings list at, with entrants grouped into sections (Major = up to 160 / Minor = up to 110) to ensure they play others of a similar rating!

Full details of the format appear at the entry link above, but in brief, the event will comprise three “rounds” of play (starting at 7:30pm on Wed 28 October, Wed 11 November, and Wed 25 November respectively). Each round will last approximately one hour, with competitors playing two games of 10min+6sec chess against the same opponent. After the conclusion of round 3, the top two players in each section (after ties are resolved) will play off for the title at a special Finals event on the evening of Wed 9 December!

For added interest, we will be providing commentary on all rounds of the event via Tom Thorpe’s Twitch channel (Chesster1883), which spectators can tune into live (and participants can watch back afterwards!)

Registration for the Autumn Mini-Swiss is now open, and will close at 7pm on Sunday 25 October 2020. To sign up, free of charge, simply fill in the short online entry form at:

List of entries

Major (up to 1900 ECF rating = 160 ECF grade)
Michael Marshall (1893 est), Exmouth
Brian Gosling (1885), Exmouth
James McDonnell (1885), Greater London
Steve Dean (1840), Seaton/Sidmouth
Alex Poyser (1690), Salisbury
Robert Oughton (1630), Barnstaple

Minor (up to 1525 ECF rating = 110 ECF grade)
Graham Mill-Wilson (1495), Plymouth
Richard Bailey (1458), Teignmouth
Trevor Hurt (1450), South Hams
Barry Perchard (1428), Sidmouth
Barbara Newcombe (1398), Exmouth
Robert Kelso (1315), Barnstaple