Champion of Champions 2019

Tournament schedule for the DCCA ‘Champion of Champions’ 2019

Released on 12 September 2019


PRELIMINARY ROUND – Please complete by 10 Nov – Toss for colour

P1: Brian Gosling (home) vs Isaac Kennedy-Bruyneels (away)

P2: Ivor Annetts (home) vs Rob Oughton (away)

QUARTER-FINAL – Please complete by 24 Nov (or 1 Dec for Q3/Q4) – Toss for colour

Q1: Jon Underwood (home) vs Mark Abbott (away)

Q2: Bill Ingham (home) vs Steve Levy (away)

Q3: Tim Paulden (home) vs Winner of P1 (away)

Q4: Winner of P2 (home) vs Alan Brusey (away)

SEMI-FINAL – Please complete by 15 Dec – Toss for colour

S1: Winner of Q1 (home*) vs Winner of Q3 (away*)

S2: Winner of Q2 (home*) vs Winner of Q4 (away*)

FINAL – Please complete by 19 Jan – Toss for colour

Winner of S1 (home*) vs Winner of S2 (away*)


(* Note: To determine home / away allocation in the Semi-Final / Final, the first consideration shall be whether one player has made more away trips than the other in the tournament so far; if so, the player who has made more away trips shall be designated the ‘home’ player. If the players have made an equal number of away trips in the tournament so far, please follow the home/away allocation indicated in brackets in the table above.)