Autumn Grand-Prix – Latest standings

Last updated: 27 Nov 2020, 21:45

Our Autumn Grand-Prix will run between Monday 19 October and Friday 27 November 2020 inclusive, and will incorporate six “Mellow Monday” and six “Friday Night Blitz” events. A player’s “Grand-Prix score” will be calculated as the sum of their THREE highest scores in “Mellow Monday” and their THREE highest scores in “Friday Night Blitz” during this time window – giving a theoretical maximum score of 36 points.

The table below shows the standings after the conclusion of all twelve events.

Many congratulations to our top six finishers – JackRudd (Jack Rudd) / JUDevon (Jon Underwood) / timegalore (Paul Hampton) / ExeterPrez (Tim Paulden) / brfc (Tom Thorpe) / robertcymru (Robert Taylor) – and our top four “U160” finishers – gashead4 (David Holmes) / cash-only (Steve Dean) / dawsx40 (Darrell Watson) / histo03 (Charlie Keen)! Details of the playoffs will be circulated soon!



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