Suspension of DCCA / Exeter & District / Torbay leagues due to coronavirus [Sun 15 March]

Please see the joint message below from Nick Butland (DCCA Team Competitions Secretary), Tony Tatam (Torbay League), and Tim Paulden (Exeter & District League) in respect of suspending team chess fixtures, which was sent out to all relevant captains on Sunday 15 March 2020. As detailed on the English Chess forum (, numerous leagues around the country have recently taken similar action, and we will be keeping a close eye on developments.

In the meantime, please stay safe, and keep an eye out (at least by phone or email) for fellow club members who might be vulnerable or become isolated, particularly if your club will be temporarily closing its doors.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Dear chess colleague,

Unsurprisingly, there has been much discussion regarding remaining team fixtures for the rest of the 2019-20 season. While, at the moment, we are not going to instruct teams not to play, we understand the concern amongst the rank & file membership. Two clubs have already closed for the foreseeable future & we are not prepared to let matches proceed where there are concerns.

Tony Tatam (Torbay), Tim Paulden (Exeter & District) & Nick Butland (DCCA) have agreed on an effective suspension of our leagues unless both teams in any match wish to continue with the fixture. Like all sport in the country, we aren’t in a position to speculate going forward. If regulations permit our respective AGMs to occur as normal this year, this will no doubt be the correct time to decide on a way of concluding things satisfactorily.

Current rumblings from government suggest we may in any case have to move to a blanket cancellation soon.


Nick Butland (DCCA)

Tony Tatam (Torbay League)

Tim Paulden (Exeter & District League)


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